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[speer-fish-er-muh n] /ˈspɪərˌfɪʃ ər mən/
noun, plural spearfishermen.
a person who engages in spearfishing.


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  • Spearfishing

    noun, plural (especially collectively) spearfish (especially referring to two or more kinds or species) spearfishes. 1. any of several fishes of the genus Tetrapturus, resembling the sailfish but having the first dorsal fin much less developed: inhabiting all seas, but rare. 2. any of several related fishes. verb (used without object), spearfished, spearfishing. 3. to […]

  • Spear-grass

    noun 1. any of various grasses, as a meadow grass or a bent grass, having lance-shaped leaves or floral spikes. noun (NZ) 1. another name for wild Spaniard 2. any of various native Australian grasses, esp of the genera Stipa or Heteropogon, with sharp-pointed seeds 3. any of various grasses with sharp stiff blades or […]

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    noun 1. a device for shooting a barbed missile under water, usually by means of gas under pressure, a strong rubber band, or a powerful spring. noun 1. a device for shooting spears underwater

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