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Special anatomy

special anatomy spe·cial anatomy (spěsh’əl)
The study of organs or organ systems that perform special physiological functions.


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  • Special-area

    noun, British. 1. distressed area.

  • Special-assessment

    noun 1. a tax levied by a local government on private property to pay the cost of local public improvements, as sidewalk construction or sewage disposal, that are of general benefit to the property taxed. special assessment noun 1. (in the US) a special charge levied on property owners by a county or municipality to […]

  • Special-astrophysical-observatory

    noun 1. an astronomical observatory located on Mount Pastukhov near Cherkessk in the Caucasus, in the SW Russian Federation, having a 236-inch (6-meter) reflecting telescope, the largest in the world.

  • Special boat service

    noun 1. a unit of the Royal Marines specializing in reconnaissance and sabotage

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