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a checking account that requires no minimum balance but in which a small charge is made for each check issued or drawn and for monthly maintenance.


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  • Special clearing

    noun 1. (banking) (in Britain) the clearing of a cheque through a bank in less than the usual three days, for an additional charge

  • Special-collection

    noun, Library Science. 1. a collection of materials segregated from a general library collection according to form, subject, age, condition, rarity, source, or value.

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    noun 1. select committee. select committee noun 1. a committee, as of a legislative body, that is formed to examine and report on a specific bill or issue. select committee noun 1. (in Britain) a small committee composed of members of parliament, set up by either House of Parliament to investigate and report back on […]

  • Special constable

    noun 1. a person recruited for temporary or occasional police duties, esp in time of emergency

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