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Special k

(slang) an animal anaesthetic, ketamine hydrochloride, sold illegally as a hallucinogenic drug


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  • Special-library

    noun 1. a library maintained by an organization, as a business, association, or government agency, to collect materials and provide information of special relevance to the work of the organization.

  • Special licence

    noun 1. (Brit) a licence permitting a marriage to take place by dispensing with the usual legal conditions

  • Specially

    adjective 1. of a distinct or particular kind or character: a special kind of key. 2. being a particular one; particular, individual, or certain: You’d better call the special number. 3. pertaining or peculiar to a particular person, thing, instance, etc.; distinctive; unique: the special features of a plan. 4. having a specific or particular […]

  • Special-marine-warning

    noun, Meteorology. 1. a National Weather Service warning of high-wind conditions at sea that are expected to last for up to two hours, and generally result from convective storm systems, as thunderstorms or squall lines. Compare warning (def 3).

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