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Specific opsonin

specific opsonin n.
Opsonin formed in response to stimulation by a specific antigen.


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  • Specific parasite

    specific parasite n. A parasite that habitually lives in its present host and is particularly adapted for the host species.

  • Specific-performance

    noun, Law. 1. (especially in the sale of land) literal compliance with one’s contractual promises pursuant to a judicial mandate. specific performance noun 1. (law) a remedy awarded by a court requiring a person to fulfil obligations under a contract where damages are an insufficient remedy

  • Specific reaction

    specific reaction n. A phenomenon produced by an agent identical with or immunologically related to an agent that has altered the capacity of a certain tissue to react.

  • Specific-resistance

    noun, Electricity. 1. resistivity (def 2). noun 1. the power or property of resistance. 2. Also called specific resistance. Electricity. the resistance between opposite faces of a one-centimeter cube of a given material; ratio of electric intensity to cross-sectional area; reciprocal of conductivity. noun 1. the electrical property of a material that determines the resistance […]

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