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having a special application, bearing, or reference; specifying, explicit, or definite:
to state one’s specific purpose.
specified, precise, or particular:
a specific sum of money.
peculiar or proper to somebody or something, as qualities, characteristics, effects, etc.:
His specific problems got him into trouble.
of a special or particular kind.
concerned specifically with the item or subject named (used in combination):
The Secretary addressed himself to crop-specific problems.
Biology. of or relating to a species:
specific characters.

(of a disease) produced by a special cause or infection.
(of a remedy) having special effect in the prevention or cure of a certain disease.

Immunology. (of an antibody or antigen) having a particular effect on only one antibody or antigen or affecting it in only one way.
Commerce. noting customs or duties levied in fixed amounts per unit, as number, weight, or volume.

designating a physical constant that, for a particular substance, is expressed as the ratio of the quantity in the substance to the quantity in an equal volume of a standard substance, as water or air.
designating a physical constant that expresses a property or effect as a quantity per unit length, area, volume, or mass.

something specific, as a statement, quality, detail, etc.
Medicine/Medical. a specific remedy:
There is no specific for the common cold.
explicit, particular, or definite: please be more specific
relating to a specified or particular thing: a specific treatment for arthritis
of or relating to a biological species: specific differences
(of a disease) caused by a particular pathogenic agent

characteristic of a property of a particular substance, esp in relation to the same property of a standard reference substance: specific gravity
characteristic of a property of a particular substance per unit mass, length, area, volume, etc: specific heat
(of an extensive physical quantity) divided by mass: specific heat capacity, specific volume

(commerce) Also (rare) specifical. denoting a tariff levied at a fixed sum per unit of weight, quantity, volume, etc, irrespective of value
(sometimes pl) a designated quality, thing, etc
(med) any drug used to treat a particular disease

specific spe·cif·ic (spĭ-sĭf’ĭk)

Relating to, characterizing, or distinguishing a species.

Intended for, applying to, or acting on a specified thing.

Designating a disease produced by a particular microorganism or condition.

Having a remedial influence or effect on a particular disease.

In immunology, having an affinity limited to a particular antibody or antigen.

A remedy intended for a particular ailment or disorder.spe·cif’i·cal·ly adv.


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