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verb (used without object), speculated, speculating.
to engage in thought or reflection; meditate (often followed by on, upon, or a clause).
to indulge in conjectural thought.
to engage in any business transaction involving considerable risk or the chance of large gains, especially to buy and sell commodities, stocks, etc., in the expectation of a quick or very large profit.
(when transitive, takes a clause as object) to conjecture without knowing the complete facts
(intransitive) to buy or sell securities, property, etc, in the hope of deriving capital gains
(intransitive) to risk loss for the possibility of considerable gain
(intransitive) (NZ, rugby) to make an emergency forward kick of the ball without taking any particular aim


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    processor A technique allows a superscalar processor to keep its functional units as busy as possible by executing instructions before it is known that they will be needed. The Intel P6 uses speculative execution. Compare branch prediction, speculative evaluation. (1995-05-05)

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    noun 1. philosophy embodying beliefs insusceptible of proof and attempting to gain insight into the nature of the ultimate by intuitive or a priori means.

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