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noun, Linguistics.
the aggregate of all the people who use a given language or dialect.
a group of people geographically distributed so that there is no break in intelligibility from place to place.
speech community
a community consisting of all the speakers of a particular language or dialect


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  • Speech-correction

    noun 1. the reeducation of speech habits that deviate from accepted speech standards.

  • Speech-form

    noun 1. linguistic form.

  • Speech from the throne

    noun 1. (in Britain and the dominions of the Commonwealth) the speech at the opening of each session of Parliament in which the Government outlines its legislative programme. It is read by the sovereign or his or her representative Also called (esp Brit) King’s speech, Queen’s speech

  • Speechifier

    verb (used without object), speechified, speechifying. 1. to make a speech or speeches; harangue. verb (intransitive) -fies, -fying, -fied 1. to make a speech or speeches 2. to talk pompously and boringly specs 1 specs 2

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