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[speech-ree-ding] /ˈspitʃˌri dɪŋ/
the act or process of determining the intended meaning of a speaker by utilizing all visual clues accompanying speech attempts, as lip movements, facial expressions, and bodily gestures, used especially by people with impaired hearing.
verb (used with or without object), speechread
[speech-red] /ˈspitʃˌrɛd/ (Show IPA), speechreading [speech-ree-ding] /ˈspitʃˌri dɪŋ/ (Show IPA)
to comprehend by speechreading.
another name for lip-reading


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  • Speech-recognition

    noun 1. Computers. the computerized analysis of spoken words in order to identify the speaker, as in security systems, or to respond to voiced commands: the analysis is performed by finding patterns in the spectrum of the incoming sound and comparing them with stored patterns of elements of sound, as phones, or of complete words. […]

  • Speech-sound

    noun, Phonetics. 1. any of the set of distinctive sounds of a given language. Compare phoneme. 2. any audible, elemental, acoustic event occurring in speech: “Go” contains the speech sound “o.”. Compare phone2 . 3. any of the sounds of the entire phonetic system of a language.

  • Speech synthesis

    The generation of an sound waveform of human speech from a textual or phonetic description. See also speech recognition. There are demonstrations which say a number (http://cs.yale.edu/cgi-bin/saynumber.au) or say a phrase (http://wwwtios.cs.utwente.nl/say/form/).

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    noun 1. treatment to improve the speech of children who have difficulty in learning to speak, for example because of partial deafness or brain damage, or to help restore the power of speech to adults who have lost it or partly lost it through accident or illness speech therapy n. Treatment of speech defects and […]

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