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a motorboat designed for high speeds.
a high-speed motorboat having either an inboard or outboard motor


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  • Speedboating

    [speed-boh-ting] /ˈspidˌboʊ tɪŋ/ noun 1. the act, practice, or sport of traveling in a speedboat.

  • Speed-brake

    noun 1. a flap on an aircraft wing used to decrease speed in flight in preparation for landing.

  • Speed-bump

    noun 1. a rounded ridge built crosswise into the pavement of a road or driveway to force vehicles to slow down. speed

  • Speed camera

    noun 1. a fixed camera that photographs vehicles breaking the speed limit on a certain stretch of road noun a photographic device set up on a roadside which photographs or videotapes speeding vehicles Usage Note British

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