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a spelling competition won by the individual or team spelling the greatest number of words correctly; spelldown.
spelling bee
a contest in which players are required to spell words according to orthographic conventions


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  • Spelling-book

    noun 1. a person who spells words. 2. Also called spelling book. an elementary textbook or manual to teach spelling. noun 1. a person who spells words in the manner specified: a bad speller 2. a book designed to teach or improve spelling

  • Spelling flame

    messaging A Usenet posting ostentatiously correcting a previous article’s spelling, possibly as a way of casting scorn on the point the article was trying to make, instead of actually responding to that point (compare dictionary flame). Of course, people who are more than usually slovenly spellers are prone to think *any* correction is a spelling […]

  • Spelling-pronunciation

    noun 1. a pronunciation based on spelling, usually a variant of the traditional pronunciation. The spelling pronunciation of waistcoat is [weyst-koht] /ˈweɪstˌkoʊt/ (Show IPA) rather than [wes-kuh t] /ˈwɛs kət/ (Show IPA). spelling pronunciation noun 1. a pronunciation of a word that is influenced by the word’s orthography and often comes about as the modification […]

  • Spelling-reform

    noun 1. an attempt to change the spelling of English words to make it conform more closely to pronunciation.

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