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Cell Biology. one of the cells that result from the meiotic divisions of a spermatocyte and mature into spermatozoa.
(zoology) any of four immature male gametes that are formed from a spermatocyte, each of which develops into a spermatozoon

spermatid sper·ma·tid (spûr’mə-tĭd)
Any of the four haploid cells formed by meiosis in a male organism that develop into spermatozoa without further division.


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    noun, plural spermatia [spur-mey-shee-uh] /spɜrˈmeɪ ʃi ə/ (Show IPA) 1. Botany. the nonmotile male gamete of a red alga. 2. Mycology. a minute, colorless cell, of certain fungi and lichens, believed to be a male reproductive body, developed within spermogonia. noun (pl) -tia (-tɪə) 1. a nonmotile male reproductive cell in red algae and some […]

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    1. a combining form meaning “seed”; used with this meaning and as a combining form of sperm1. in the formation of compound words: spermatogonium. combining form 1. indicating sperm: spermatogenesis 2. indicating seed: spermatophyte spermato- or spermat- pref. Sperm: spermatic. Spermatozoon: spermatogenesis.

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