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spermatolysis sper·ma·tol·y·sis (spûr’mə-tŏl’ĭ-sĭs)
The destructive dissolution of spermatozoa.


Read Also:

  • Spermatophobia

    noun a fear of the emission of semen, esp. involuntary; also written spermophobia Word Origin Greek spermato- ‘semen’

  • Spermatophore

    [spur-mat-uh-fawr, -fohr, spur-muh-tuh-] /spɜrˈmæt əˌfɔr, -ˌfoʊr, ˈspɜr mə tə-/ noun, Zoology. 1. a capsule surrounding a mass of spermatozoa, produced by the male of various animal species and transferred to the female. spermatophore /ˈspɜːmətəʊˌfɔː/ noun 1. a capsule of spermatozoa extruded by some molluscs, crustaceans, annelids, and amphibians spermatophore (spər-māt’ə-fôr’) A capsule or compact mass […]

  • Spermatophyte

    [spur-mat-uh-fahyt, spur-muh-tuh-] /spɜrˈmæt əˌfaɪt, ˈspɜr mə tə-/ noun 1. any of the Spermatophyta, a primary division or group of plants comprising those that bear seeds. spermatophyte /ˈspɜːmətəʊˌfaɪt/ noun 1. (in traditional classifications) any plant of the major division Spermatophyta, which includes all seed-bearing plants: an angiosperm or a gymnosperm Former name phanerogam spermatophyte (spər-māt’ə-fīt’) See […]

  • Spermatopoietic

    spermatopoietic sper·mat·o·poi·et·ic (spər-māt’ə-poi-ět’ĭk, spûr’mə-tə-) adj. Producing sperm. Secreting semen.

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