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variant of -spermal:
another word for spermatic


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  • Spermicide

    noun 1. a sperm-killing agent, especially a commercial birth-control preparation, usually a cream or jelly. noun 1. any drug or other agent that kills spermatozoa spermicide sper·mi·cide (spûr’mĭ-sīd’) n. An agent that kills spermatozoa, especially as a contraceptive. Also called spermatocide. sper’mi·cid’al (-sīd’l) adj. spermicide (spûr’mĭ-sīd’) An agent that kills spermatozoa, especially one that is […]

  • Spermidine

    noun, Biochemistry. 1. a biogenic polyamine, H 2 N(CH 2) 4 NH(CH 2) 3 NH 2 , formed from putrescine, occurring widely in nature and first identified in semen. spermidine sper·mi·dine (spûr’mĭ-dēn’) n. A polyamine compound found in ribosomes and living tissues and having various metabolic functions. It was originally isolated from semen.

  • Spermiduct

    spermiduct sper·mi·duct (spûr’mĭ-dŭkt’) n. See vas deferens. See ejaculatory duct.

  • Spermine

    noun, Biochemistry. 1. a polyamine, H 2 N(CH 2) 3 NH(CH 2) 4 NH(CH 2) 3 NH 2 , formed from spermidine and occurring in all cells, especially prevalent in semen, sputum, pancreatic tissue, and certain yeasts. noun 1. a white or colourless basic water-soluble amine that is found in semen, sputum, and animal tissues; […]

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