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any of certain wasps, especially of the family Pompilidae, that provision their nests with paralyzed spiders.


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  • Spiderweb

    verb (used with object), spiderwebbed, spiderwebbing. 1. to cover with a spider web or fine lines resembling a spider web. tool A program for creating versions of Knuth’s WEB self-documenting programs (“literate programming”). (ftp://princeton.edu/). (1999-08-26)

  • Spider-web

    noun 1. the web that is spun by a spider, made of interlaced threads of viscous fluid that harden on exposure to air.

  • Spiderwood

    noun 1. another name for neinei

  • Spiderwort

    noun 1. any plant of the genus Tradescantia, having blue, purple, or rose-colored flowers. 2. any of several related plants. noun 1. any of various plants of the American genus Tradescantia, esp T. virginiana, having blue, purplish, or pink flowers and widely grown as house plants: family Commelinaceae See also tradescantia 2. any of various […]

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