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Spike potential

spike potential n.
The main wave in the action potential of a nerve that is followed by negative and positive afterpotentials.


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  • Spiker

    noun 1. a pointed, perforated tube connected to a garden hose, pushed into the soil for deep watering. 2. Volleyball. a player who spikes the ball.

  • Spike-rush

    noun 1. any perennial plant of the temperate cyperaceous genus Eleocharis, occurring esp by ponds, and having underground stems, narrow leaves, and small flowers

  • Spike-tooth harrow

    [spahyk-tooth] /ˈspaɪkˌtuθ/ noun 1. a harrow equipped with straight teeth on horizontal bars, usually employed to smooth and level plowed soil or seedbeds for planting or sowing.

  • Spiks

    noun 1. spic. noun, Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive. 1. a contemptuous term used to refer to a Spanish-American person. noun 1. (US, slang) a derogatory word for a person from a Spanish-speaking country in South or Central America or a Spanish-speaking community in the US noun 1. a variant spelling of spic

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