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(of a container) designed to prevent spilling.


Read Also:

  • Spillway

    noun 1. a passageway through which surplus water escapes from a reservoir, lake, or the like. noun 1. a channel that carries away surplus water, as from a dam Also called wasteweir, spill

  • Spilt

    verb 1. a simple past tense and past participle of spill1 . verb (used with object), spilled or spilt, spilling. 1. to cause or allow to run or fall from a container, especially accidentally or wastefully: to spill a bag of marbles; to spill milk. 2. to shed (blood), as in killing or wounding. 3. […]

  • Spilth

    noun 1. spillage (def 1). 2. something that is spilled. 3. refuse; trash.

  • Spim

    noun 1. a type of spam that is sent by means of instant messaging. verb (used with object), spimmed, spimming. 2. to send spam to by means of instant messsaging. noun 1. unsolicited commercial communications received on a computer via an instant-messaging system noun spam sent via an instant messaging system; also written spIM , […]

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