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a book, film, etc, that arouses terror


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  • Spine-chilling

    [spahyn-chil-ing] /ˈspaɪnˌtʃɪl ɪŋ/ adjective 1. very frightening or horrifying. spine-chilling adjective 1. (of a book, film, etc) arousing terror

  • Spinel

    noun 1. any of a group of minerals composed principally of oxides of magnesium, aluminum, iron, manganese, chromium, etc., characterized by their hardness and octahedral crystals. 2. a mineral of this group, essentially magnesium aluminate, MgAl 2 O 4 , some varieties being used as gems. noun 1. any of a group of hard glassy […]

  • Spineless

    adjective 1. having no spines or quills. 2. having no spine or backbone. 3. having a weak spine; limp. 4. without moral force, resolution, or courage; feeble: a spineless, lily-livered coward. adjective 1. lacking a backbone; invertebrate 2. having no spiny processes: spineless stems 3. lacking strength of character, resolution, or courage

  • Spinel-ruby

    noun 1. ruby spinel.

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