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Joel Elias, 1875–1939, U.S. literary critic, publisher, and editor.


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  • Spiniferous

    adjective 1. (esp of plants) bearing spines or thorns

  • Spinifex

    noun, plural spinifex, spinifexes. 1. any of several Australian grasses of the genera Spinifex, Plectrachne, or Triodia, having spiny seeds and stiff, sharp-pointed leaves that grow in dense masses. noun 1. (Austral) Also called porcupine grass. any of various coarse spiny-leaved inland grasses of the genus Triodia 2. any grass of the SE Asian genus […]

  • Spin journalism

    noun news and information that is manipulated or slanted to affect its interpretation and influence public opinion

  • Spin machine

    noun 1. an organization or group of people acting together to present news or information in a way that creates a particular desired impression

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