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any of various ratlike rodents of the genus Echimys, inhabiting forests of Central and South America, most having bristly fur.


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  • Spiny-rayed

    adjective 1. spiny-finned.

  • Spiny-rayed fish

    noun 1. any of various fishes, as basses and perches, that have sharp, often pointed and usually rigid fin spines.

  • Spir-

    spir- pref. Variant of spiro-.

  • Spiracle

    noun 1. a breathing hole; an opening by which a confined space has communication with the outer air; air hole. 2. Zoology. an aperture or orifice through which air or water passes in the act of respiration, as the blowhole of a cetacean. an opening in the head of sharks and rays through which water […]

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