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adjective, spinier, spiniest.
abounding in or having spines; thorny, as a plant.
covered with or having sharp-pointed processes, as an animal.
in the form of a spine; resembling a spine; spinelike.
troublesome or difficult to handle; thorny:
a spiny problem.
adjective spinier, spiniest
(of animals) having or covered with quills or spines
(of plants) covered with spines; thorny
troublesome to handle; puzzling
shaped like a spine


Read Also:

  • Spiny-anteater

    noun 1. echidna. spiny anteater noun 1. another name for echidna

  • Spiny-cocklebur

    noun 1. a cocklebur, Xanthium spinosum, introduced into North America from Europe.

  • Spiny-dogfish

    noun 1. any of several dogfish sharks of the genus Squalus, having a spine in front of each of the two dorsal fins, especially S. acanthias, inhabiting Atlantic coastal waters.

  • Spiny-dormouse

    noun 1. a rat-sized rodent, Platacanthomys lasiurus, native to rocky hills of southern India, having reddish-brown fur and sharp, flat spines.

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