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[spahy-ruh l-bound] /ˈspaɪ rəlˈbaʊnd/
having a spiral binding.


Read Also:

  • Spiral canal of cochlea

    spiral canal of cochlea n. The winding tube located in the bony labyrinth of the ear. Also called cochlear canal.

  • Spiral canal of modiolus

    spiral canal of modiolus n. The space in the modiolus containing the spiral ganglion of the cochlea.

  • Spiral-casing

    noun 1. a spiral passage for directing the water from a penstock around a water turbine and into the rotor.

  • Spiral crest

    spiral crest n. The thickened periosteal lining of the bony cochlea forming the outer wall of the cochlear duct to which the basal lamina attaches. Also called spiral ligament of cochlea.

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