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noun, Astronomy.
(formerly) a spiral galaxy.


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  • Spiral-of-archimedes

    noun, Geometry. 1. a curve that is the locus of a point that moves outward with uniform speed along a vector, beginning at the origin, while the vector rotates about the origin with uniform angular velocity. Equation (in polar coordinates): r = aθ. spiral of Archimedes noun 1. (maths) a spiral having the equation r […]

  • Spiral organ

    spiral organ n. A specialized structure located on the inner surface of the basilar membrane of the cochlea containing hair cells that transmit sound vibrations to the nerve fibers. Also called organ of Corti.

  • Spiral-spring

    noun 1. a form of spring consisting of a wire coiled in a helix.

  • Spiral staircase

    noun 1. a staircase constructed around a central axis

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