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noun, plural spirilla
[spahy-ril-uh] /spaɪˈrɪl ə/ (Show IPA). Bacteriology.
any of several spirally twisted, aerobic bacteria of the genus Spirillum, certain species of which are pathogenic for humans.
any of various similar microorganisms.
noun (pl) -la (-lə)
any bacterium having a curved or spirally twisted rodlike body Compare coccus (sense 1), bacillus (sense 1)
any bacterium of the genus Spirillum, such as S. minus, which causes ratbite fever

spirillum spi·ril·lum (spī-rĭl’əm)
n. pl. spi·ril·la (-rĭl’ə)

A member of the genus Spirillum.

Any of various other spiral-shaped microorganisms.

Spirillum n.
A genus of large, aerobic, gram-negative bacteria having an elongated spiral form and a tuft of flagella.
Plural spirilla
Any of various bacteria that are shaped like a spiral, such as the spirochete Treponema pallidum, which causes syphilis.


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