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adjective, Archaic.
of the nature of spirit; immaterial, ethereal, or refined.
a variant spelling of spirituous
(archaic) high-spirited
(archaic) ethereal; pure


Read Also:

  • Spirit-rapping

    noun, Spiritualism. 1. a form of communication between living persons and the spirits of deceased persons by tapping out messages on a table, board, or the like.

  • Spirits of ammonia

    noun 1. (functioning as singular or pl) another name for sal volatile (sense 2)

  • Spirits of salt

    noun 1. (functioning as singular or pl) a solution of hydrochloric acid in water

  • Spirits-of-turpentine

    or spirit of turpentine noun, Chemistry. 1. oil of turpentine. spirits of turpentine noun 1. (functioning as singular or pl) another name for turpentine (sense 3)

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