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[spir-i-tuh s lee-nis; Latin spee-ri-too s ley-nis] /ˈspɪr ɪ təs ˈli nɪs; Latin ˈspi rɪˌtʊs ˈleɪ nɪs/
smooth breathing.
spiritus lenis
another term for smooth breathing


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  • Spiritus-vinosus

    [spir-i-tuh s vahy-noh-suh s] /ˈspɪr ɪ təs vaɪˈnoʊ səs/ noun 1. (in prescriptions) spirits of wine; alcohol.

  • Spirit-varnish

    noun 1. See under varnish (def 1). noun 1. a preparation consisting of resinous matter, as copal or lac, dissolved in an oil (oil varnish) or in alcohol (spirit varnish) or other volatile liquid. When applied to the surface of wood, metal, etc., it dries and leaves a hard, more or less glossy, usually transparent […]

  • Spirit-wrestler

    noun 1. a Doukhobor.

  • Spirit-writing

    noun 1. writing allegedly produced by spirits or supernatural forces.

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