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spirogram spi·ro·gram (spī’rə-grām’)
The tracing made by the spirograph.


Read Also:

  • Spirograph

    noun 1. an instrument for recording respiratory movements. noun 1. (med) an instrument for recording the movements of breathing spirograph spi·ro·graph (spī’rə-grāf’) n. An instrument for registering the depth and rapidity of respiratory movements. spi’ro·graph’ic adj. spi·rog’ra·phy (spī-rŏg’rə-fē) n.

  • Spirogyra

    noun, Botany. 1. a widely distributed filamentous freshwater green alga of the genus Spirogyra. noun 1. any green freshwater multicellular alga of the genus Spirogyra, consisting of minute filaments containing spirally coiled chloroplasts spirogyra (spī’rə-jī’rə) Any of a genus of filamentous freshwater green algae having cylindrically shaped cells with spiral-shaped bands of chloroplasts. Species of […]

  • Spiroid

    adjective 1. more or less spiral; resembling a spiral. adjective 1. resembling a spiral or displaying a spiral form

  • Spirometer

    noun 1. an instrument for determining the capacity of the lungs. noun 1. an instrument for measuring the air capacity of the lungs Compare pneumatometer spirometer spi·rom·e·ter (spī-rŏm’ĭ-tər) n. An instrument for measuring the volume of air entering and leaving the lungs. spi’ro·met’ric (-rə-mět’rĭk) adj. spi·rom’e·try n.

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