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having the form of a spire, slender shoot, or tapering pointed body; tapering up to a point like a spire.
abounding in spires or steeples.
spiral; coiled; coiling; helical.
(poetic) of spiral form; helical


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  • Spissatus

    adjective, Meteorology. 1. (of a cloud) dense enough to obscure the sun.

  • Spissitude

    spissitude spis·si·tude (spĭs’ĭ-tōōd’, -tyōōd’) n. The condition of a fluid thickened almost to a solid by inspissation.

  • Spit

    verb (used without object), spit or spat, spitting. 1. to eject saliva from the mouth; expectorate. 2. to express hatred, contempt, etc., by or as if by ejecting saliva from the mouth. 3. to sputter: grease spitting on the fire. 4. to fall in scattered drops or flakes, as rain or snow. verb (used with […]

  • Spital

    noun, Archaic. 1. a hospital, especially one for lazars. 2. a shelter on a highway. noun (obsolete) 1. a hospital, esp for the needy sick 2. a highway shelter

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