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splanchnoptosis splanch·nop·to·sis (splāngk’nŏp-tō’sĭs, -nō-tō’-)
See visceroptosis.


Read Also:

  • Splanchnosclerosis

    splanchnosclerosis splanch·no·scle·ro·sis (splāngk’nō-sklə-rō’sĭs) n. Hardening of any of the viscera through connective tissue overgrowth.

  • Splanchnoskeletal

    splanchnoskeletal splanch·no·skel·e·tal (splānk’nō-skěl’ĭ-tl) adj. Relating to the visceroskeleton.

  • Splanchnoskeleton

    splanchnoskeleton splanch·no·skel·e·ton (splāngk’nō-skěl’ĭ-tn) n. See visceroskeleton.

  • Splanchnotribe

    splanchnotribe splanch·no·tribe (splāngk’nə-trīb’) n. An instrument used for occluding the intestine temporarily prior to resection.

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