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Also, splad. a broad, flat piece of wood, either pierced or solid, forming the center upright part of a chair back or the like.
a batten for covering joints between sheets of wallboard; panel strip.
a sound made by splattering or slapping.
a wet slapping sound
a wide flat piece of wood, esp one that is the upright central part of a chair back

1. Name used in many places (DEC, IBM, and others) for the asterisk (“*”) character (ASCII 0101010). This may derive from the “squashed-bug” appearance of the asterisk on many early line printers.
2. Name used by some MIT people for the “#” character (ASCII 35).
3. (Rochester Institute of Technology) The feature key on a Mac (same as alt).
4. An obsolete name used by some people for the Stanford/ITS extended ASCII circle-x character. This character is also called “blobby” and “frob”, among other names; it is sometimes used by mathematicians as a notation for “tensor product”.
5. An obsolete name for the semi-mythical Stanford extended ASCII circle-plus character.
See also ASCII.
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