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  • Spleenful

    adjective 1. full of or displaying spleen. 2. ill-humored; irritable or peevish; spiteful; splenetic. adjective 1. affected by spleen; bad-tempered or irritable

  • Spleenwort

    noun 1. any of various temperate and tropical ferns of the genera Asplenium and Diplazium, certain species of which are grown as ornamentals. noun 1. any of various ferns of the genus Asplenium, esp A. trichomanes, that often grows on walls, having linear or oblong sori on the undersurface of the fronds See also asplenium

  • Spleeny

    adjective, spleenier, spleeniest. 1. abundant in or displaying spleen.

  • Splen-

    1. variant of spleno- before a vowel: splenectomy. splen- pref. Variant of spleno-.

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