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[splee-nuh-meg-uh-lee, splen-uh-] /ˌspli nəˈmɛg ə li, ˌsplɛn ə-/
noun, Pathology.
enlargement of the spleen.
(pathol) abnormal enlargement of the spleen

splenomegaly sple·no·meg·a·ly (splē’nō-měg’ə-lē, splěn’ō-)
Enlargement of the spleen. Also called megalosplenia.


Read Also:

  • Splenomyelogenous

    splenomyelogenous sple·no·my·e·log·e·nous (splē’nō-mī-ə-lŏj’ə-nəs) adj. Originating in the spleen and the bone marrow; splenomedullary.

  • Splenomyelomalacia

    splenomyelomalacia sple·no·my·e·lo·ma·la·ci·a (splē’nō-mī’ə-lō-mə-lā’shē-ə, -shə) n. Pathological softening of the spleen and the bone marrow.

  • Splenopathy

    splenopathy sple·nop·a·thy (splĭ-nŏp’ə-thē) n. Disease of the spleen.

  • Splenopexy

    splenopexy sple·no·pex·y (splē’nə-pěk’sē) n. The process of surgically fixing an ectopic or floating spleen. Also called splenorrhaphy.

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