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adjective, splotchier, splotchiest.
marked or covered with splotches.


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    verb (used without object), splurged, splurging. 1. to indulge oneself in some luxury or pleasure, especially a costly one: They splurged on a trip to Europe. 2. to show off. verb (used with object), splurged, splurging. 3. to spend (money) lavishly or ostentatiously: He splurged thousands on the party. noun 4. an ostentatious display, especially […]

  • Splx

    language Specification Language for Parallel cross-product of processes and sequential modules. [“Parallel Module Specification on SPLX”, C.F. Nourani, SIGPLAN Notices 27(1):114-115, Jan 1992]. (1997-09-26)

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    spm abbr. suppression and mutation (used of a gene that leads to unstable mutants) Sequential Parlog Machine spm suppression and mutation (of mutants that are unstable) SPM 1. single professional male 2. software programmers manual 3. suspended particulate matter

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    SPMC Society of Paper Money Collectors

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