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adjective (Brit, informal)
a person seen as being boring, unattractive, or excessively studious
(Great Britain) A lower form of life found on chat systems and MUDs. The spod has few friends in RL and uses chat instead, finding communication easier and preferable over the net. He has all the negative traits of the computer geek without having any interest in computers per se. Lacking any knowledge of, or interest in, how networks work, and considering his access a God-given right, he is a major irritant to sysadmins, clogging up lines in order to reach new MUDs, following passed-on instructions on how to sneak his way onto Internet (“Wow! It’s in America!”) and complaining when he is not allowed to use busy routes. A true spod will start any conversation with “Are you male or female?” (and follow it up with “Got any good numbers/IDs/passwords?”) and will not talk to someone physically present in the same terminal room until they log onto the same computer that he is using and enter chat.
Compare newbie, tourist, weenie, twink, terminal junkie, dweeb.
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