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Botany, Mycology. the young individual developed from a spore.


Read Also:

  • Spore print

    noun 1. (botany) the pattern produced by placing the cap of a mushroom on a piece of paper and allowing the spores to fall

  • Spores

    noun 1. Biology. a walled, single- to many-celled, reproductive body of an organism, capable of giving rise to a new individual either directly or indirectly. 2. a germ, germ cell, seed, or the like. verb (used without object), spored, sporing. 3. to bear or produce spores. noun 1. a reproductive body, produced by bacteria, fungi, […]

  • Spori-

    1. variant of sporo- before elements of Latin origin: sporiferous.

  • Sporicide

    noun 1. a substance or preparation for killing spores. sporicide spo·ri·cide (spôr’ĭ-sīd’) n. An agent that kills spores. spo’ri·cid’al (-sīd’l) adj.

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