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an eating utensil combining features of a spoon and a fork.


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  • Sporo-

    1. a combining form representing spore, in compound words: sporophyte. combining form 1. (in botany) spore: sporophyte sporo- or spori- or spor- pref. Spore: sporocyte.

  • Sporoagglutination

    sporoagglutination spo·ro·ag·glu·ti·na·tion (spôr’ō-ə-glōōt’n-ā’shən) n. A method for diagnosing various mycoses based on the fact that the blood serum in diseases caused by fungi contains specific agglutinins that cause clumping of the spores of these organisms.

  • Sporoblast

    sporoblast spo·ro·blast (spôr’ə-blāst’) n. An early stage in the development of a sporocyst, prior to differentiation of the sporozoites.

  • Sporocarp

    noun, Botany, Mycology. 1. (in higher fungi, lichens, and red algae) a multicellular structure in which spores form; a fruiting body. noun 1. a specialized leaf branch in certain aquatic ferns that encloses the sori 2. the spore-producing structure in certain algae, lichens, and fungi

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