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noun, Mycology.
a fungus hypha specialized to bear spores.
an organ in fungi that produces or carries spores, esp the massive spore-bearing body of mushrooms, etc


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  • Sporophyll

    noun, Botany. 1. a modified leaf that bears sporangia. noun 1. a leaf in ferns and other spore-bearing plants that bears the sporangia See also megasporophyll, microsporophyll sporophyll (spôr’ə-fĭl’) A leaf or leaflike organ that bears sporangia.

  • Sporophyte

    noun, Botany. 1. the form of a plant in the alternation of generations that produces asexual spores. noun 1. the diploid form of plants that have alternation of generations. It develops from a zygote and produces asexual spores Compare gametophyte sporophyte (spôr’ə-fīt’) Among organisms which display an alternation of generations (such as plants, fungi, and […]

  • Spongy degeneration

    spongy degeneration n. A rare, inherited, fatal brain disease of infancy characterized by the widespread loss of myelin from nerve sheaths and the presence of round empty spaces in the brain, giving it a spongelike appearance, and resulting in progressive paralysis, blindness, and megalencephaly. Also called Canavan’s disease.

  • Spongy bone

    spongy bone n. Bone in which the spicules form a latticework, with interstices filled with embryonic connective tissue or bone marrow. Also called cancellous bone, spongy substance, trabecular bone. Any of the turbinate bones.

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