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any parasitic spore-forming protozoan of the phylum (or class) Sporozoa, several species of which, as plasmodia, cause malaria.
Also, sporozoal. belonging or pertaining to the Sporozoa.
any parasitic protozoan of the phylum Apicomplexa (or Sporozoa), characterized by a complex life cycle, part of which is passed in the cells of the host, and the production of asexual spores: includes the malaria parasite See plasmodium (sense 2)
of or relating to sporozoans

sporozoan spo·ro·zo·an (spôr’ə-zō’ən) or spo·o·zo·on (-ŏn’, -ən)
An organism of the class Sporozoa.
spo’ro·zo’an adj.
Any of numerous parasitic protozoans now classified as apicomplexans.


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