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Sports drink


a beverage containing carbohydrates, minerals such as salt, vitamins, and other supplements to help replenish fluids and nutrients used during vigorous exercise and sport

See energy drink


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  • Sport-shirt

    noun 1. a long- or short-sleeved soft shirt for informal wear by men, having a squared-off shirttail that may be left outside the trousers, usually worn without a tie.

  • Sports-jacket

    noun 1. a jacket, often of textured wool or colorful pattern, with a collar, lapels, long sleeves, and buttons in the front, cut somewhat fuller than the jacket of a business suit, worn with slacks for informal occasions. sports jacket noun 1. a man’s informal jacket, made esp of tweed: worn with trousers of different […]

  • Sports journalism

    noun the practice and profession of writing about sporting events and athletes for periodicals Examples Sports journalism is an essential element of any news media organization. Word Origin 1931

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    noun, plural sportsmen. 1. a man who engages in sports, especially in some open-air sport, as hunting, fishing, racing, etc. 2. a person who exhibits qualities especially esteemed in those who engage in sports, as fairness, courtesy, good temper, etc. noun (pl) -men 1. a man who takes part in sports, esp of the outdoor […]

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