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(informal) absolutely correct; very accurate: your prediction was spot-on


Read Also:

  • Spot-pass

    noun, Basketball, Football. 1. a pass intentionally directed to a specific place in the court or field instead of a particular receiver, the receiver being expected to arrive at the place at the same time as the ball.

  • Spot-plate

    noun, Chemistry. 1. a flat ceramic or plastic plate containing small wells on which spot tests are made.

  • Spot-price

    noun 1. the price of spot goods or of commodities on the spot market. noun 1. the price of goods, currencies, or securities that are offered for immediate delivery and payment

  • Spot-reducing

    noun 1. the usually futile effort to exercise one part of the body, as the thighs, in hopes of reducing the amount of fat stored in that area.

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