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verb (used without object)
to be stretched or spread out in an unnatural or ungraceful manner:
The puppy’s legs sprawled in all directions.
to sit or lie in a relaxed position with the limbs spread out carelessly or ungracefully:
He sprawled across the bed.
to spread out, extend, or be distributed in a straggling or irregular manner, as vines, buildings, handwriting, etc.
to crawl awkwardly with the aid of all the limbs; scramble.
verb (used with object)
to stretch out (the limbs) as in sprawling.
to spread out or distribute in a straggling manner.
the act or an instance of sprawling; a sprawling posture.
a straggling array of something.
(intransitive) to sit or lie in an ungainly manner with one’s limbs spread out
to fall down or knock down with the limbs spread out in an ungainly way
to spread out or cause to spread out in a straggling fashion: his handwriting sprawled all over the paper
the act or an instance of sprawling
a sprawling posture or arrangement of items

the urban area formed by the expansion of a town or city into surrounding countryside: the urban sprawl
the process by which this has happened



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