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a person or thing that .
a small, dull knife or spatula used for butter, jelly, etc., on bread.
a machine for dispersing bulk material:
manure spreader.
a device for spacing or keeping apart two objects, as electric wires.
Nautical. a strut for shrouds on a mast.
Historical Examples

Here’s a royal feast spread for us, an’ th’ spreader’s queen o’ th’ pirates!
The Pirate Woman Aylward Edward Dingle

Since the spreader also rams the concrete, it is difficult to separate these two items.
Concrete Construction Halbert P. Gillette

The doctor then took his spreader, and cut the roll into five pieces, each of which he intended to divide into a dozen pills.
The Lieutenant and Commander Basil Hall

The coating on the drum is controlled or regulated by a spreader.
All About Coffee William H. Ukers

At z is a wedge for adjusting the spreader w so as to keep it close to the saw whatever the diameter of the latter may be.
Modern Machine-Shop Practice, Volumes I and II Joshua Rose

The other method, called the spreader method, was more intricate.
America’s Munitions 1917-1918 Benedict Crowell

The frame was completed by fitting the spreader sticks in place, after which it was laid away to dry.
The Scientific American Boy A. Russell (Alexander Russell) Bond

The size of the loop is determined by the width of the mesh stick or spreader (No. 2).
The Tinguian Fay-Cooper Cole

It can be broadcasted by hand if a spreader is not available, and mixed with the surface soil while in a powdered state.
Crops and Methods for Soil Improvement Alva Agee

He is a glutton, a poisoner, a spreader of disease, a dispenser of disturbing music.
The Tent Dwellers Albert Bigelow Paine

a machine or device used for scattering bulk materials, esp manure or fertilizer, over a relatively wide area
a device for keeping apart or spacing parallel objects, such as electric wires


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