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corn snow.


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  • Spring someone to something

    spring someone to something

  • Springtail

    noun 1. any of numerous minute, wingless primitive insects of the order Collembola, most possessing a special abdominal appendage for jumping that allows for the nearly perpetual springing pattern characteristic of the group. noun 1. any primitive wingless insect of the order Collembola, having a forked springing organ with which it projects itself forward

  • Spring-tide

    noun 1. the large rise and fall of the tide at or soon after the new or the full moon. 2. any great flood or swelling rush: a spring tide of compliments. noun 1. either of the two tides that occur at or just after new moon and full moon when the tide-generating force of […]

  • Springtime

    noun 1. the season of spring. 2. the first or earliest period: the springtime of love. noun 1. Also called springtide (ˈsprɪŋˌtaɪd). the season of spring 2. the earliest, usually the most attractive, period of the existence of something

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