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a youth; young fellow.


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  • Spotted orchid

    noun 1. any of various common Eurasian orchids, esp the heath and common spotted orchids (Dactylorhiza maculata and D. fuchsii). The flowers are variable but usually have dark blotches 2. a tall orchid, Dipodium punctatum, with white pink-spotted flowers, found in Australia

  • Spotted mist

    noun 1. the former name for Australian Mist

  • Spring-binder

    noun 1. a loose-leaf binder in which a single, long, clamplike spring, forming the spine, holds the leaves.

  • Springboard

    noun 1. a flexible board, projecting over water, from which divers leap or spring. 2. a flexible board used as a takeoff in vaulting, tumbling, etc., to increase the height of leaps. 3. something that supplies the impetus or conditions for a beginning, change, or progress; a point of departure: a lecture to serve as […]

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