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adjective, springier, springiest.
characterized by spring or elasticity; flexible; resilient:
He walks with a springy step.
(of land) abounding in or having springs of water.
adjective springier, springiest
possessing or characterized by resilience or bounce
(of a place) having many wells or springs of water


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  • Springing

    noun 1. the act or process of a person or thing that springs. 2. the mechanical springs or the type or arrangement of springs with which any of various devices are equipped, especially a vehicle. 3. Architecture. spring (def 43). verb (used without object), sprang or, often sprung; sprung; springing. 1. to rise, leap, move, […]

  • Springing-line

    noun, Architecture. 1. a horizontal line between the springs of an arch or dome. 2. the rise or the angle of the rise of an arch.

  • Spring-lamb

    noun 1. a lamb born in the late winter or early spring and sold for slaughter before July 1.

  • Springless

    adjective 1. having no springs: a springless bed. 2. lacking liveliness or resilience; lifeless: His shoulders drooped and his walk had become springless.

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