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Informal. a potato.
a spadelike instrument, especially one with a narrow blade, as for digging up or cutting the roots of weeds.
a chisellike tool for removing bark.
a pointed leg or stake for staying or supporting dredging or earth-boring machinery.
a short pipe, as for connecting a water pipe with a meter.
Surgery. an instrument having a dull flattened blade for removing substances or foreign bodies from certain parts of the body, as wax from the ear.
verb (used with object), spudded, spudding.
to remove with a spud.
Verb phrases
spud in, to set up earth-boring equipment, especially for drilling an oil well.
an informal word for potato (sense 1)
a narrow-bladed spade for cutting roots, digging up weeds, etc
Also called spudder. a tool, resembling a chisel, for removing bark from trees
verb spuds, spudding, spudded
(transitive) to remove (bark) or eradicate (weeds) with a spud
(intransitive) to drill the first foot of an oil-well

spud (spŭd)
A blunt triangular knife used for removing foreign bodies from the cornea.
sprout wings


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