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a small hole in a door, etc through which one may watch secretly; peephole


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  • Spyhop

    noun 1. a vertical half-rise out of the water performed by a whale in order to view the surroundings. a springing bounce in tall grasses performed by certain land mammals, as foxes and wolves, to view the surroundings. verb (used without object), spyhopped, spyhopping. 2. to perform such a rise or bounce.

  • Spying

    noun, plural spies. 1. a person employed by a government to obtain secret information or intelligence about another, usually hostile, country, especially with reference to military or naval affairs. 2. a person who keeps close and secret watch on the actions and words of another or others. 3. a person who seeks to obtain confidential […]

  • Spymaster

    noun 1. an espionage agent who directs a network of subordinate agents.

  • Sprucing

    adjective, sprucer, sprucest. 1. trim in dress or appearance; neat; smart; dapper. verb (used with object), spruced, sprucing. 2. to make spruce or smart (often followed by up): Spruce up the children before the company comes. verb (used without object), spruced, sprucing. 3. to make oneself spruce (usually followed by up). noun 1. any coniferous […]

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