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(US, slang) nothing


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  • Squadron

    noun 1. a portion of a naval fleet or a detachment of warships; a subdivision of a fleet. 2. an armored cavalry or cavalry unit consisting of two or more troops, a headquarters, and various supporting units. 3. the basic administrative and tactical unit, smaller than a group and composed of two or more flights. […]

  • Squadsman

    noun, plural squadsmen. 1. a member of a squad or team.

  • Squalene

    noun, Biochemistry. 1. an oil, C 3 0 H 5 0 , intermediate in the synthesis of cholesterol, obtained for use in manufacturing pharmaceuticals. noun 1. (biochem) a terpene first found in the liver of sharks but also present in the livers of most higher animals: an important precursor of cholesterol squalene (skwā’lēn’) A colorless, […]

  • Squalid

    adjective 1. foul and repulsive, as from lack of care or cleanliness; neglected and filthy. 2. wretched; miserable; degraded; sordid. adjective 1. dirty and repulsive, esp as a result of neglect or poverty 2. sordid

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