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squamosa squa·mo·sa (skwā-mō’sə)
n. pl. squa·mo·sae (-sē)
The squama of the temporal bone or of the frontal and occipital bones.


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  • Squamosal

    adjective 1. Anatomy. of or relating to the thin, scalelike portion of the temporal bone that is situated on the side of the skull above and behind the ear. 2. Zoology. pertaining to a corresponding bone in other vertebrates. 3. squamous. noun 4. a squamosal bone. noun 1. a thin platelike paired bone in the […]

  • Squamous

    adjective 1. covered with or formed of squamae or scales. 2. scalelike. adjective (biology) 1. (of epithelium) consisting of one or more layers of flat platelike cells 2. covered with, formed of, or resembling scales squamous squa·mous (skwā’məs, skwä’-) or squa·mose (-mōs’) adj. Covered with or formed of scales; scaly. Resembling a scale or scales; […]

  • Squamous cell

    squamous cell n. A flat, scalelike epithelial cell.

  • Squamous-cell-carcinoma

    noun, Pathology. 1. a carcinoma that arises from squamous epithelium in the skin and sometimes in the mucous membranes. squamous cell carcinoma n. A carcinoma that arises from squamous epithelium and is the most common form of skin cancer. Also called cancroid, epidermoid carcinoma. squamous cell carcinoma (skwā’məs, skwä’-) Any of various carcinomas that arise […]

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