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Squamous metaplasia of amnion

squamous metaplasia of amnion n.
See amnion nodosum.


Read Also:

  • Squamous odontogenic tumor

    squamous odontogenic tumor n. A benign epithelial odontogenic tumor that appears radiologically as a lesion closely associated with the tooth root and that is composed of islands of squamous epithelium enclosed by a peripheral layer of flattened cells.

  • Squamous suture

    squamous suture n. A suture whose opposing margins are scalelike and overlapping.

  • Squamozygomatic

    squamozygomatic squa·mo·zy·go·mat·ic (skwā’mō-zī’gə-māt’ĭk, -zĭg’ə-) adj. Of or relating to the squama and the zygomatic process of the temporal bone.

  • Squamulose

    adjective 1. furnished or covered with tiny scales. adjective 1. (esp of plants or their parts) covered with minute scales

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